German Renaissance Clothing
First, I would like to publish a disclaimer here that I am not a costumer... I just like to play around with some different styles of clothing.  My dream is to one day make an authentic set of clothing for my 14th Century persona.  Until then, I kind of move around to many different countries and several different time periods.

Judith by Lucas Cranach, 1530

Portrait of Three Young Women by Lucas Cranach, 1530

Me Sitting... 1999

A Standing Pose, cropped...  1999

Another Standing Pose... 1999

These are photos of me in my FIRST (and only, so far) attempt at German Renaissance dress, using a painting from Cranach as inspiration (see above).  I made this dress in 1994 for my elevation to the Order of the Laurel (for C&I).  I have yet to figure out how to make the hat I want... which is shown in the second Cranach painting above, the lady in the middle. 

I have gained considerable weight since the dress was first constructed, so it does not fit properly now, but it didn't look too bad when first made.  I know it is not exact, but I think it does have the "flavor" of the one in the painting.  Of course, my figure is nowhere close to the way Cranach painted, but then, I don't know too many Germanic women who have that figure, either (and I am only 3rd generations from my original German roots).

I tried to maintain the pattern of the decoration as shown in the original painting (above), but decided to use gold glass seed beads.  I am assuming the original had tiny seed beads, but am not positive.  I adapted the plastron/placket design to incorporate my own Unicorn.  I made the dress in green (which doesn't show well here) velveteen, and the chemise in fake silk (bad idea, it doesn't breath).  I attached my plastron to the chemise, as most of the paintings suggested a curve to the plastron (to me, anyway).  The jacket and sleeves are lined in green cotton.  The plastron is made of Thai silk (which I just happened to have in my sewing room).
A detail of the beadwork
(note how tight the left upper sleeve is... this is due to my weight gain, not by design)

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